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The thin line in dealing with cancer…

That first night in Bangkok, Kari had a headache. It wasn’t bad though and we had a great evening, great food and beer. The next day however, she wasn’t well. She thought that it was the beer the evening before. Throughout the week, she had the headache. Then, she reveals that she has had it about 2 weeks… my first thought is: “that’s not right.” But you can’t say that to someone fighting cancer. You have to stay positive… looking at the bright side. We go to the dr. one night and she seeks help for her migraines. She gets pain meds. No one wants to think that it could be something else other than a “stress headache” which is what the dr. diagnosed. We’re all happy with the diagnosis… who wants to think differently? Therein lies the danger. What do we think? Should we be cautious & a dooms-dayer or positive & risky? It is an uneasy dance on a thin line…


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