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Fears falling and floating away

Sitting in the moment

tendrils of water tickle my arm

like a wayward strand of hair.

Dappling dots of water

paint my legs in a happy fashion.

The river splits

and flows around the rock

upon which I perch.

The roaring sound of the water

reverberates off the granite boulders

enveloping me in safety of its sound.

The small falls creep slowly

into my soul searching

for those everpresent

conerns and worries.

Closing my eyes,

I’m transported from this place

to another peaceful realm

and I realize that

I’m no longer burdened.

The troubles lurking in my psyche

have left,

swept away in the

swift current

heading downstream.


The thin line in dealing with cancer…

That first night in Bangkok, Kari had a headache. It wasn’t bad though and we had a great evening, great food and beer. The next day however, she wasn’t well. She thought that it was the beer the evening before. Throughout the week, she had the headache. Then, she reveals that she has had it about 2 weeks… my first thought is: “that’s not right.” But you can’t say that to someone fighting cancer. You have to stay positive… looking at the bright side. We go to the dr. one night and she seeks help for her migraines. She gets pain meds. No one wants to think that it could be something else other than a “stress headache” which is what the dr. diagnosed. We’re all happy with the diagnosis… who wants to think differently? Therein lies the danger. What do we think? Should we be cautious & a dooms-dayer or positive & risky? It is an uneasy dance on a thin line…

Feeling Sunny

Today I am hopeful, smiling.
It’s sunny and partly clear.
I couldn’t help but chuckle out loud
when Pudge stole the leash from
my hand to run himself beside me.
My feet barely had to pedal
and the bike wheels turned rapidly
as we trotted down the street.

Meandering Thoughts

meandering thoughts

turn into words

as my fingers

touch the keyboard

lucky, I feel lucky

at this moment

to be alive,

to have a job,

to have a family,

to be loved

wish it was the same

for everyone

wish life was

more predictable

and safe

but it isn’t always

wish I could tell

everyone to

let it go,

let it be,

live in the moment


I write it down

hoping that people

who need to hear it

will read it

Owl Moon Inspirations

I read one of my favorite books today to my class: Owl Moon.

Inspired by the beautiful words and watercolors on the page, we wrote some found poetry. Here is one of mine:

Poetry Found from Owl Moon

By Jane Yolen c. 1987

Crunch! Crunch!

Little gray footprints

following us on crisp snow.

Bumping after me,

my short, round shadow

silently follows.

If you go owling,

You have to be quiet.

Found Poetry

Rustlings overhead of soft, silent wings
Silence ripped by a shrill screech
Lifted by talons into the dark
Soren regrets the words
leading to his snatching
Flying faster than he could think
Blistering slivers of air hits his skin as
Whiteness eeriely bleaches the sky
Scouring the landscape for home
Soren sees Tyto
Growing smaller and smaller
Dimmer and dimmer
The Capture by Kathryn Lasky  – 2003

Hello world!

Just got back from hiking up the hill behind Fredna’s house. We started at 338 elevation and climbed to a bit over 1500 in an hour. It felt good to be up at the cross looking down over the olive and orange groves below. While the valley, very quilt like, stretched out below us, the magnificent Sierra Nevada capped the view.